Xi'an Barcelona O'Haoden Hotel


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Address:Section B, Dibiao Building, Dongguan Main Street, Beilin District, Xi'an
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Xi 'an Barcelona Mr Shi Carlton hotel is located in beilin (changle (door) of suiyeh cross northeast corner of main street and the nine road, (commercial culture area, adjacent to metro line 1 dajie subway station, about 10 minutes walk can be reached to Ming city wall Yongxing, the fourth military medical university Xiking northwest hospital clothing wholesale city, driving 10 minutes can be arrived at xi 'an jiaotong university xian xian university of science and engineering university and other universities, from the tower, the wild goose pagoda, datang city that never sleeps 20 minutes can be reached Barcelona group brand founded by the Spanish royal family has a history of 87 years ago in 1931, has more than 250 hotels and resorts balanced distribution of 22 countries around the world xi 'an Barcelona Mr Shi is the first company in the domestic hotel opening hotel, the overall design extremely has the Spanish royal family style, luxury European tonality and the integration of young intelligent, restoring ancient ways is the coffee shop book The art gallery Cafeteria together create a culture of time and space crisscross the diversification of social space